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The Digital Marketing Studio is a passionate team of friendly people. We deliver innovative and conversion-oriented Facebook Ad Strategies for entrepreneurs who want to generate more revenue for their businesses. We love what we do.

Our Goals

Goal To Help You Succeed

The goal is to work together on the unique marketing plan that will turn your website visitors into raving fans. If you don’t have enough traffic or aren’t turning traffic into business, there’s a problem. We’ll drive more qualified traffic to virtually any business and turn your website visitors into email subscribers and loyal customers.

  • Connect

    It all starts with discussing your business goals and putting together a customized plan that optimizes your objective.

  • Digital AD Management
    Digital AD Management

    Don’t spend another dollar on ads before speaking to us. We’ll apply our proven methods to create a successful ad campaign that works.

  • Marketing Campaigns
    Marketing Campaigns

    We’ll use the most powerful marketing tools to build automated processes that will quickly boost your business.

  • Consulting

    Don’t know where to start? Let us help you have your most profitable year yet. Click Here to schedule a consultation.

The Digital Marketing Studio

My Goal Is To Help You Achieve Yours

My name is Humberto Garcia, and I’ve delivered measurable results for some of the most successful blog businesses. Besides being a passionate designer, I am foremost an entrepreneur. I understand your pain and business goals behind a project and will give everything to deliver the best possible solution to your challenges.

We will work together to create a world-class experience for your visitors. My mission is to solve your business problems through exceptional web design and continuous optimization.

I do things completely different than any other web designer you may find. My designs will persuade your users to take immediate action on your most important goals. I work on business-driven websites and only on projects where I am sure that I can deliver a return on investment. I love to dig deep and get a real understanding of what exactly drives your business forward.

My Goal Is To Help You Achieve Yours

You Will Get This:

  • Hassle-free & proactive communication so you know what’s been working on at every step of the design process
  • Clear deadlines for all deliverables that will always be met – no matter what
  • You get a designer with deep understanding of your customers and business
  • Integrated feedback loops to be sure that the proposed solution solves your most pressing business problems
  • Conversion & usability driven web design that gets you measurable results
  • Delivering fast & outstanding outcomes every single time
I Am Not The Right

Consultant For You If…


You want to spend your precious time and money on mediocre web designers that miss every deadline and don’t even bother to understand your target audience.


You are looking for a few “quick fixes“ and see design as an expense rather than a long-term investment to grow your business.


You’d rather try to find a reliable in-house designer that needs months of costly training to start working on your most important projects and comes with huge overhead costs.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for someone that tries to understand your target audience, through empathy and research, we’ll be a good fit. I would love to solve your business problems and take away all the usual stress of working with a normal web designer.

You’ll become part of an exclusive group of clients that have the opportunity to work with me on driving conversions to their websites.